Recreate NZ COVID policy - updated 9th November 2022

Over this winter and spring time, we feel our covid policy has been working very well. To summarise, Recreate programmes remain open to all, regardless of vaccination status. As a safeguard against the spread of covid within Recreate, RAT tests are required for all overnight programmes within 24 hours of programme commencement. RAT tests can be completed at home, or on-site at Recreate offices. This has resulted in a handful of cases where an attending participant for an overnighter ended up testing positive for covid within 24 hours of the start of the programme.


No RAT testing is required for half or single day programmes, due to a lesser amount of time spent with others, as opposed to overnight programmes where we spend 3 or 4 days together in closer proximity to each other. After reviewing this policy again in late October, and with the great feedback from our Youth Board, we have decided to keep this policy of RAT testing for overnighters until the next review date of 27th January 2023.

We thank you for your compliance and understanding of this policy

General Programme guidelines

  • Recreate NZ requires all staff, volunteers and participants to complete and produce a negative RAT test within 24 hours of attending any overnight programme.

  • In general, mask use will no longer be required on Recreate programmes, but rather mask use is up to the preference of the individual.

  • COVID - Any participant showing COVID symptoms pre-programme or has been tested and is waiting for a test result, they will not be able to attend the programme.

  • Any non-attendance due to having COVID or displaying symptoms of COVID will result in a refund of the programme deposit.

  • If a participant is showing COVID symptoms during a programme, a RAT test can be conducted during the programme, and parents/caregivers may be requested for an early collection from programme. If positive on a programme, efforts are to be made for the individual to be picked up.

  • General health and safety standards remain, including expectations of good personal hygiene with regular hand washing and sanitisation.


Our staff and participants are active members of their communities and do amazing things. We love to support them and sing their praises so whenever they make the newspaper, television or any other media we share it here.

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