Recreate NZ COVID policy - updated 16th December 2021


With the introduction of the traffic light system towards the end of 2021, and with the ever-increasing presence of delta in New Zealand, we have updated our COVID policy to include mandatory vaccination for programme attendance.

When making your booking requests, you will notice a section on programme vaccination requirements. Recreate NZ aims to create a safe environment for all, including youth who may be vulnerable to this pandemic. After careful consideration of the risks and a full risk assessment, we now require all staff and volunteers on Recreate programmes to be fully vaccinated, effective immediately.

As of 10th January 2022, we are requiring young people attending Recreate programmes to be fully vaccinated. Recreate NZ is aware of and will comply with its obligations under the Privacy Act 2020.  All information given related to a young person’s vaccine status will stay confidential within Recreate NZ and will only be used where doing so helps to ensure the safety of those who use Recreate NZ’s services.

Now that we are in the traffic light system, here is a summary of how Recreate NZ will operate:


Red light - Recreate programmes can go ahead, and we may see a few changes to various programmes:

  • Interregional travel may be disrupted, which can affect long-distance programmes such as Getaways, Short Breaks and Adventures. 

  • Participant numbers on programmes may be lower than capacity due to activity provider or accommodation guidance, or other factors.

  • Recreate will only be visiting premises that require vaccine certificates, unless a safe, exclusive and private space is secured


Orange light - Recreate programmes will go ahead with minimal or no disruptions.

  • Interregional travel to a red light region may be disrupted, which can affect long-distance programmes such as Getaways, Short Breaks and Adventures. 

  • Recreate will only be visiting premises that require vaccine certificates, unless a safe, exclusive and private space is secured


Recreate NZ have identified that Alert level 2 (Delta) currently for all regions outside Auckland requires additional health and safety processes as well as potential changes in how programmes can operate. This document follows the guidelines and advice from the Ministry of Health to ensure a safe programme for all.

Recreate NZ offers programmes for young people with disabilities, some of whom have compromised immune systems. Bearing this in mind, Recreate NZ facilitators, volunteers and participants must understand and comply with the following rules:


  1. Scanning – All participants and/or parents must QR code scan upon entry to a Recreate office.

    • While on programme, individual scanning is encouraged however the Recreate NZ facilitator will always scan for the group.

  2. Masks - While on programme, mask wearing is mandatory in indoor public places and where we cannot maintain a 2m distance from the public.

    • When in Recreate vehicles or at hired accommodation, mask wearing is optional.

    • Please advise Recreate NZ staff should the participant have a mask wearing exemption.

    • Recreate staff will check all booked venues prior to departure to ensure compliance with Government guidelines.

  3. Vaccinations - As of 8th November 2021, Facilitator and volunteer vaccination is now compulsory to ensure a safe programme for all.

  4.  Participant vaccination is compulsory to ensure a safe programme for all.

    • Accordingly, Recreate NZ requests the status of COVID vaccinations of all participants for internal record keeping. This information will be treated as confidential and will not be shared without consent.

  5. COVID - Any participant showing COVID symptoms pre-programme, or has been tested or is waiting for a test result within 14 days of programme start will not be able to attend the programme.

  6. If a participant is showing COVID symptoms during a programme, the participant will isolated from the group and parents are to be informed for an early collection from programme. (a local COVID test may also be arranged)

  7. Hygiene - Staff, volunteers and participants must ensure high standards of hygiene including:

  • Regular handwashing and sanitising

  • Limited physical contact (no hugs, high fives, handshakes)

  • Coughing and sneezing into elbows or tissues


If hygiene standards drop below an acceptable level, parents may be contacted and notified by the Programme Coordinator and remedial actions discussed.


Our staff and participants are active members of their communities and do amazing things. We love to support them and sing their praises so whenever they make the newspaper, television or any other media we share it here.

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