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Carer Support changes have arrived - 24th March 2023

We have recently been made aware of significant changes to Carer Support issued by Whaikaha. Therefore, we are revisiting the changes in favour of a better format.

Currently, programme payment is made up of a cash deposit to be paid by parents or caregivers, as well as carer support days. For example, a 4-day Youth Camp = 4 days carer support + $240 deposit

What is changing?

Carer support can now be used as a 'budget' as well as being used as ‘days of care.’ Recreate NZ will be changing our pricing model to reflect this change.

We will drop the 'cash deposit' format and introduce a programme price model which can be paid entirely using Carer Support, which is how we process Individualised Funding. This new price model and any increases associated will come into effect from Tuesday 11th April 2023.


Families will now be purchasing a Recreate 'event' as opposed to categorising Recreate as a 'support worker'.


We believe this is great news for parents and carers, as you don’t need to pay anything out of your own pocket. It’s also great for Recreate as the slight increase in pricing paid out of your carer support allocation will help us to become less reliant on funding.


To see how the pricing will change, you can head along to now to have a look.


We understand that these changes may mean you no longer want to attend certain programmes you have requested for Term 2 / Autumn. If that is the case please email


To speak to someone about these changes please contact Brent Jenkin or Matt Alpe at the following:


09 638 5364


To summarise


Families will no longer pay Recreate cash deposits for programmes starting from this current Term 2 / Autumn booking round. The payment for the whole programme can be made using Carer Support or Individualised funding. If those funding options have been exhausted, cash payments are still accepted.


We will still receive the same Carer Support forms from our community, and we will keep processing these forms as we have for 20 years. 


You can also read more about these changes at Whaikaha.


From the team at Recreate NZ


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