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Have you considered being a MOXIE employer?

Recreate NZ launched the MOXIE (Meaningful Opportunities X’ing Into Employment) initiative in 2016. MOXIE is a series of programmes providing experiential learning and meaningful work experience for youth with mild to moderate intellectual, learning or sensory disabilities.


The Moxie programme seeks to reduce workforce discrimination by working with employers and potential employees to create shared visions of success. A 10-week step-by-step programme is designed and supported with hands-on assistance from Recreate NZ.


The vision is to build capacity and opportunity which focuses on the quality of the placement in collaboration with the employer.



New Zealand has made significant progress in the inclusion for individuals with disabilities. However, there is still a lot to be done to ensure there is decent work and economic growth for people with disabilities. Previous research (Lysaght & Cobigo, 2014; Vornholt, Uitdewilligen, & Nijhuis, 2013) has predominately focused on the experience of individuals once they have gained employment. However, in New Zealand over 40% of individuals with an intellectual disability are unemployed (Statistics NZ, 2017). This suggests that getting through the hiring process is significantly more difficult.

MOXIE work experience is a supported journey to paid employment. While the employer is not obliged to employ anyone at the end of each programme, we do expect employers to begin with this intention. The programme is designed to showcase the skills and personality that our young people can bring to your team and so we hope that after a few weeks you’ll be eager to get a permanent contract (or three) ready! The 10-week programme structure is flexible to suit different business contexts. Get in touch to chat this through with us.


  1. Recreate NZ connects with businesses committed to creating opportunity and valued roles for people with disabilities. The opportunities for a mutually beneficial partnership are discussed.

  2. Recreate NZ will conduct an interactive site visit to observe work and processes the MOXIE placement individual or group will undertake. A programme is designed based on the 10-week MOXIE structure with employer needs taken into consideration.

  3. Recreate NZ will hand-pick participants to suit each work experience. Participant information profiles are sent to the employer.

  4. Recreate NZ facilitates the employer/participant relationship throughout the placement e.g., structuring tasks, terminology, appropriate interactions, understanding strengths and challenges, goal setting.

  5. The employer and Recreate NZ meet to discuss possible candidate/s for permanent employment.

References are written for participants who have not been employed at the conclusion of the placement

During the MOXIE programme your workforce will gain valuable communication, management, adaptability, and personal development skills. Thinking differently, changing perspective, or slowing down the way you communicate and teach new skills can drive fresh awareness and more inclusive culture in the workplace. In turn, participants will learn important lessons in time management, professionalism, teamwork and belonging as well as job-specific skills.

When you do employ someone through the MOXIE programme you are eligible for further assistance to help your new employee settle in:

  • 6 months of in-work support from a Recreate facilitator, designed to meet the individual’s need.

  • 6 months wage subsidy to assist paying wages while your new employee is still learning.




p. 09 638 5364



"We had a friend who had given the ‘Our Harvest’ participants an opportunity, they were having fun and we wanted to give young adults with disabilities an opportunity to also have fun, feel they had a purpose and to help them feel comfortable in a work environment. We ran a MOXIE work experience programme in 2019/20 and employed Jesse in May 2020"

Ann-Marie Nicholas

Mummy's Yummys, Browns Bay

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