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Holiday Programme


Cost: 1 carer support day + $20 deposit per day 

Drop off and pick up at Recreate offices
48 Windmill Road, Epsom 


Wednesday 7th October – Extreme Edge

Spend the morning trying out all the cool climbing walls at Extreme Edge! After lunch, we will engage in a mystery activity that will suit everyone!


Thursday 8th October – Kelly Tarltons and Shark Cake

Are you a fan of the deep blue sea? Come and learn all about our 

oceans with a visit to Kelly Tarltons. Enjoy some up-close encounters 

with sharks, penguins, stingrays and more! Then we will return to 

Recreate to bake a shark cake and eat it too. 


Friday 9th October – Whoa Studios

Come and see the latest theatre show at Whoa Studios in West Auckland and enjoy the interactive art that they have to offer!

1 carer support day + $20 deposit

Chocolate Factory and Alpaca Farm

Saturday 17th October 


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to visit a chocolate factory? Well if so, join us for a day out to this incredible place where we get to make out own chocolate. Afterwards, we will take a trip to visit an Alpaca farm! 

1 carer support day + $30 deposit

Leigh Short Break

30th October – 1st November

We will be staying at a classic Kiwi Bach in Leigh. Just an hour’s drive from Auckland, Leigh is the perfect location for a weekend escape. With options for markets, beach missions, local walks and more, this weekend will be a relaxing retreat with friends.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Shakespear Adventure Weekend

27th – 29th November

There’s nothing better than seeing our Junior participants conquering their fears and forming friendships every year on JAW. Let’s head back to the beautiful Shakespear Park on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula for more classic camp activities and adventures!

3 days carer support + $120 deposit



Holiday Programme

September - October 

Cost: 1 carer support day + $20 deposit 

Drop off and pick up at Recreate offices
48 Windmill Road, Epsom 
September - October 
Week One

Monday 28th September – Rainbows End!

Join us for a day of thrill seeking as we take on the best theme park in NZ! Whether you enjoy the rush of the fear fall or the cruisy log flume, there is something for everyone.


Tuesday 29th September – Wero White Water Rafting!

This is a day for all the thrill seekers! Come and join in on the fun at Wero as we take on the rapids and enjoy a ride down the lazy river.


Wednesday 30th September – Option 1: Girls Club Make up and Modelling!

Join us for a very special Holiday Programme day where you can learn how to apply makeup with MAC and then learn how to catwalk model with All is for All at Showroom 22. If this sounds like you, we would love to see you there!


Wednesday 30th September – Option 2: Devonport movies

Enjoy a relaxing ferry ride to Devonport, see the sites, enjoy the beach, and catch the latest movie with your mates.


Thursday 1st October – Option 1: Bowling and Megazone

Start your day off with a strike! Join us for a day of friendly competition as you take your friends on in Bowling and Lasertag!


Thursday 1st October – Option 2: Cooking Day

Let us get cooking! Spend the day learning some new kitchen skills as we make our way through cooking a 3-course meal.


Friday 2nd October – Tip Top and DIY Ice Cream Day!

Join us for a fun day of learning about where and how everyone’s favourite dessert is made, as we take a tour of to the Tip Top Ice Cream Factory! Then come back to Recreate and make your own ice cream!

1 carer support day + $20 deposit 

Week Two 

Monday 5th October – Glow in the Dark minigolf and Jump

Today we will head off to the glow in the dark mini golf to get as many holes in one as possible and then we follow this up with a visit to Jump!

Tuesday 6th October – Skate Land and Mt Wellington

Let’s get a boogie on! Relive the 80’s with us as we spend the morning roller skating, playing games and dancing at Skate Land! Then cool your muscles down with a nice walk and afternoon tea up Mt Wellington.

Wednesday 7th October – Pizza and Bowling

Spend the morning preparing your own home-made pizza, enjoy all your favourite toppings on your pizza for lunch and finish the day off with a fun game of ten pin bowling.

Thursday 8th October – Art Gallery and Movies

Enjoy some interactive art at the Auckland Art Gallery and try your hand in creating an abstract art piece! Then enjoy the latest holiday movie with us.

Friday 9th October – Golf Day!

We’ve had a go at Glow in the Dark Minigolf on Monday, but how about honing your long drive skills! Start the day off with practicing your swing at long drive, then put your practice into action with a fun game of minigolf.

1 carer support day + $20 deposit 

Camp Morley

6th – 9th October

We are returning to Camp Morley- a Recreate favourite for our Spring time Youth Camp! Join us and the crew from Adventure Specialties for activities like kayaking, rafting and of course the famous Camp Concert!

4 carer support days + $150 deposit and $40 transport fee

Kaipara Short Break

4th – 6th December 

We have plenty to do on this Kaipara Short Break and would love to explore this region with you! We are staying at a beautiful farm cottage, located only just over an hour northwest of Auckland.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit 

Waiheke Short Break

20th – 22nd November

Summer is around the corner and we’ll be heading to the beautiful Waiheke island to celebrate. With options for beaches, café’s and sun this will be a weekend away to remember!

3 carer support days + $150 deposit (including vehicle ferry extra cost) 

Kawakawa Getaway

11th - 13th December

We’re heading north to celebrate the warmth of summer. With the Bay of Islands just around the corner we will be able to explore some of the best coast that NZ has to offer!

3 carer support days + $120 deposit



First  Fridays


First Fridays are a new type of Urban programme. Every First Friday of the month (excluding school holidays) we will be hosting youth and young adults here at Recreate, 48 Windmill Road, Epsom. We are so proud of the space we have created here, so lets make the most of it! You won’t want to miss this!

First Friday Letter Party

Friday 4th December   

For this First Friday, the theme of the night is to come dressed up as anything starting with the first letter of your name! For example, Damien might be a donut and Sarah might be a Swan!  We cannot wait to see everyone’s amazing costumes!

½ carer support day + $ 10 deposit

Mangawhai Girls Getaway

16th – 18th October

We have 2 getaways planned for Mangawhai this weekend and this one is just for the girls! We will be taking this opportunity to explore the magical beaches of Mangawhai, visit the café and maybe even take a sneaky look at the famous chocolate boutique!


3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Mangawhai Guys Getaway

16th – 18th October

We have two getaways planned for Mangawhai this weekend and this one is just for the boys. The girls have another house booked nearby and we are sure to meet up. We will welcome the warmer weather by visiting the beaches and exploring Mangawhai and the surrounding township!

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Marry Poppins Live at the Civic

Friday 16th October

(Newsletter wrongly stated Friday 24th July)

Come join us for a fun evening of theatre! We will be going to watch the Broadway Musical Mary Poppins at the Civic so come join us for a magical night!

½ carer support day + $50 deposit

Halloween night   

Friday 30th October

Come celebrate Halloween with Recreate! For this night of horror, we want to see the scariest dress you can bring to spook your friends. We will have dinner for you and a prize for the best dressed, don’t miss out!

½ carer support day + $10 deposit

Waitomo Adventures

13th – 15th November 


The Waitomo caves are world famous and we are off to explore some of their best kept secrets! Led by an experienced guide, we will be making our way through a huge underground chamber, with some abseiling and a zipline along the way! 

3 carer support days + $180 deposit 

Karaoke Night

Friday 20th November

For this evening we will be going to a Karaoke place to sing to our hearts content along with a great dinner! Start rehersing your favourite song and join us for a fun evening with friends!

½ carer support day + $ 30 deposit

Girls Club Pampering and Dinner

Saturday 21st November

Come for an afternoon of pampering at Recreate, including facemasks, nails etc! A lovely way to spend time with your gal pals before going out for a pizza dinner with the Lads Club!

1 carer support day + $30 deposit

Lads Club Laser and Dinner

Saturday 21st November

Get ready for some laser combat as we head out West for some friendly competition in the woods! Followed by this we will meet up with the Girls crew for some yummy pizza’s together!

1 carer support day + $40 deposit

Lads Club on a boat!

Saturday 5th December

Fortoday, get ready for an exciting day out with the Recreate Crew! We will head out to the city centre for our jet boat ride followed by a day of sightseeing in Auckland city! I repeat, we are going on a jet boat!

1 carer support days + $50 deposit

Girls Club Christmas Lunch

Sunday 13th December

It is the end of the year and what a year it has been! We have loved Girls Club this year and want to celebrate with you by going out to lunch. Come join us at Feriza's for a delicious celebratory lunch and then we will spend some time on the viaduct before heading to Auckland’s most famous ice cream place, Giapo!

1 carer support day + $40 deposit

Sky Tower and Movie 

Saturday 31st October

Come join us for a fun day in town we will be going to visit the top of the sky tower, visit town and a little bit and finish this nice day with a movie at the cinema!

1 carer support day + $ 40 deposit

Recreate 2020 National Ball

Saturday 7th November

Recreate would love to invite you to the inaugural National Great Gatsby Ball! This is a first for us, and we will have people from all four Recreate regions in attendance! Book on if you love an evening dressing up and dancing the night away.

½ carer support day + $50 deposit

New Plymouth Getaway

14th – 18th December

It has been a few years since Recreate ventured down to the Taranaki region and we would love for you to join us on our return down there! We will spend the week checking out Mt Taranaki, the beautiful beaches and everything else New Plymouth has to offer!

5 carer support days + $180 deposit

Christmas Party 

Sunday 20th December

Its back, the annual Recreate Christmas party! This time we are hosting this evening in the heart of the Mt. Eden Village, and we you’re your favourite features such as great food, dancing and secret santa!

½ carer support day + $ 25 deposit



Holiday Programme


Cost: 1 carer support day + $20 deposit 

Drop off and pick up at Recreate offices
48 Windmill Road, Epsom 

With increased demand in day programmes for Young Adults, we are trialling these days during the school holidays. If you are 25 years and over, we hope you like this new offering!


Monday 5th – Devonport Movies

Join us for a day of bliss as we take the ferry over to Devonport to catch the latest flick with your friends and enjoy some lunch on the beach in the sun.

Tuesday 6th Museum and Cat Café

Spent the morning exploring all the exhibits that Auckland Museum has to offer! Then relax a little with a hot drink of your choice, surrounded by friendly felines at the cat café. 

Mahurangi Short Break

13th – 15th November


We are so excited to return to the Mahurangi region for this Short Break. The location is so perfect with activities such as Matakana and Goat Island being so close by! We would love for you to join us - please send us your booking request promptly as these spots fill up very fast with such limited availability.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Waihi Beach Getaway

1st - 4th December

The first day of December means…the start of summer! This 4 day midweek Getaway will be filled with beach time, plenty of sightseeing, good food and socialising with friends from Recreate.  


4 carer support days + $150 deposit

Mid Week Opportunities 


MOXIE is a series of projects that provide meaningful work experience that you could get involved with! This includes the Orchard Projects, Gardens and Product Development. 

MOXIE is part of Recreate’s strategy to develop further midweek meaningful, skill based opportunities for Recreate’s young people. 

If you wish to express interest in these programmes or want more info, please contact Sheridan Jackson at 

Karaka Orchard

Tuesdays - 13th October- 8th December 2020 (9 Weeks)

9-4pm each week

This group goes out once per week to the Karaka Orchard and look to develop work skills that can then be used later in life. Participants learn how to take care of an orchard and learn how use specific equipment (mower, tractor and garden tools), pick fruit and maintain trees. There is also a focus on increasing health and safety awareness and team building skills.

4.5 carer support days + $90 deposit

Kumeu Orchard 

Wednesdays-13th October- 8th December 2020 (9 Weeks)

9-4pm each week

This group goes out once per week to the Kumeu Orchard and look to develop work skills that can then be used in later life. Participants learn how to take care of a lemon orchard and learn how use specific equipment (mower, ride-on and garden tools), pick fruit and maintain trees. There is also a focus on increasing health and safety awareness and team building skills.

4.5 carer support days + $90 deposit

Product Making Group

Thursdays-15th October- 10th December (9 Weeks)

10.00am-3.00pm each week


This team will be making delicious product from the fruit and veges grown in the Recreate garden! This will include preserving, pickling, making jams and more! This programme will develop kitchen skills, recipe knowledge, kitchen safety and working with others. ​

4.5 carer support days

Down Lights

Tuesdays-13th October- 8th December 2020 (9 weeks)

9.30am-2.30pm each week

We have been working with Downlights for a little while now and we love it! This group will be learning the candle making process from the beginning to end. You will be taught how to melt and mix wax, pour candles and manufacture other products Downlights make.


4.5 carer support days

Careers Club

Tuesdays and Thursdays Via Zoom and every second Tuesday at Recreate.

Tuesday 13th October- Thursday 8th December 2020

Zoom: 9.00am-10.00am

Recreate sessions: 9.00am-2.00pm

We have created Careers Club to encourage mindful thinking about how we live and where we work. This group will meet 2 times a week, virtually (via Zoom) and in-person every second week, to hear from fellow New Zealanders showcasing their jobs and industries. We will discuss and evaluate the potential for employment in each of these areas as well as discuss skills, behaviours and sustainable practises that will be useful to all areas of life. You will also create a digital CV that you can use for future job applications.

3 carer support days + $90 deposit (6 sessions at Recreate)

Gardening Group

Wednesdays-14th October- 9th December (9 Weeks)

9-4pm each week

This group will be looking after the Recreate garden; planting, growing, harvesting and looking after vegetables and plants! This programme will offer opportunities to develop work skills, learn about taking care of plants and vegetables, use gardening equipment, garden safety, team building and working with others.

4.5 carer support days + $90 deposit

Self-Directed Day Programme 

Thursdays, 15th October – 10th December - 9 week course

(9.00am – 4.30pm) 

Life Skills is a self-directed day programme focused on developing confidence in certain skills required for independence, socialisation, healthy living and entering the workforce. This programme covers a variety of practical skills including cooking, public transport, fitness, money handling and household jobs. This course is limited to 5 young people with similar age/ability and will be self-directed by those who participate, with guidance from the Recreate facilitator. 

9 carer support days + $80 full course deposit 

Work Experience 

Expression of interest 

We are working with employers and potential employers to create a shared vision of success for our young people. This is done by a step-by-step process and hands on support from Recreate NZ. If you are thinking about work experience, please express your interest in this programme. Email to express interest.. 

Cost - TBC 

Purls of Wisdom- Knitting group  

Expression of interest 

We are looking at starting up a knitting group for anyone who wants to join! This will be a chance to learn a new skill and have a catch up with friends while you do it. If you are a beginner or advanced, we can provide a tailored programme for you! Email to express interest. ​

Cost - TBC 

Learning Module- Fit for Life!  

Wednesdays, 14th October- 2nd December - 8-week course

(9am – 2pm) 

The Learning module is an extension of our regular Life Skills programme and will offer topic-specific learning. Each module will have a different learning focus and will run one day per week throughout the term. 

This terms course will focus on getting fit and making healthy life style choices. We will focus on fitness, sport, strength, cardio, healthy cooking and more! 


4 carer support days + $80 full course deposit 



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