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Recreate's Got Talent

Friday 13th May


This is the perfect opportunity to show off your talent in front of a friendly crowd! Whether it’s dancing, singing, acting, or you just want to spectate, there is something for everyone. Dinner will be provided.

½ carer support day + $15 deposit

High School Musical

Friday 17th June
5.30pm – 9.30pm

Get'cha head in the game and join us for a night of singing and dancing to all the High School Musical classics. We will learn some songs and dances from the movie, break for pizza and games, and end the night with a sing-and-dance-along screening of the first movie.

½ carer support day + $15 deposit



April Holiday Programme

Tuesday 26th April – Art & Play

Get inspired by a visit to the Art Gallery and then we’ll make some art of our own! We'll take a break from being artists by spending some time at the park and getting a sweet treat.


Wednesday 27th April – Inflatable World

Spend the day at New Zealand's biggest indoor inflatable playground.  On our way home from Hamilton, we’ll stop at Duck Island for the best ice cream in NZ (according to Alex). Yum!


Thursday 28th April – Escape & Swim

It’s a race against time at Rotorua's Escape Master: find clues, solve puzzles and work together to complete the mission and escape the room! We’ll reward our hard efforts with a swim at the pool.

Higher deposit - $25


Friday 29th April – Bird Gardens & Hot Pools

Let’s explore Katikati’s Gardens and make friends with some birds - you might even have one land on your shoulder! And what better way to end the day than a trip to the hot pools.

Tuesday 26th April, Wednesday 27th April and Thursday 28th April - 1 carer support day + $20

Thursday 28th April - 1 carer support day + $25 deposit

Bowling and Dinner

Friday 1st July

Tonight we will eat some delicious dinner together before heading off to have some friendly competition at the bowling alley! How many pins can you knock over?

½ carer support day + $35 deposit



15-35 YEARS

Queenstown Getaway

Thursday 5th – Sunday 8th May


Bored of sand and sea views? Missing the mountains and the thrill of adventure? If yes, you might be the perfect candidate for an action-packed trip to Queenstown. Ziplining, jetboating, road trips and more. It is sure to be an unforgettable trip.

4 carer support days + $250 + flights

Splashy Ceramics

Saturday 28th May
9am - 5pm

At Splashy there are plenty of ceramics to choose from: plates, bowls… choose one, paint it, and it make it your own. Once the process is done, you’ll have a new treasured item you can keep, and maybe even eat or drink from!  

1 carer support day + $25 deposit

Bingo Night

Friday 1st April
5.30pm - 9.30pm

Who doesn't love a good Bingo night? Come for prizes, nachos, and an overall fun night with your friends - new and old.

1/2 carer support day + $20 deposit

Observatory Sleep Over and Zoo Day!

Friday 20th – Saturday 21st May

Come along with us for a night of exploring space first-hand at the Hamilton Observatory and learn something new about your favourite planet. We will be sleeping in a gender separated open space, and we will be joined by Bay of Plenty and Auckland for this amazing experience! Then we will spend the next day discovering all the animals that Zoo has to offer!

1.5 carer support days + $80 deposit

Girls Night Out

Friday 10th June
5pm - 9pm

We’ll meet in the Mount for a chill outdoor yoga session led by Alex (certified yoga teacher), then head to the thermal pools at Fernland Spa, and end the night with a fancy dinner in town.

1/2 carer support day + $30 deposit




12th May - 7th July (9 weeks)

9.00am – 4.30pm each week

Life Skills is a day programme aimed at young people who have left school or are in their final years of schooling. A group of 3 or 4 young people of similar age/ability select skills they see as useful to them, and work on them together, with guidance from the Recreate facilitator.


At Life Skills, young people develop confidence and skill in areas such as independence, socialisation, healthy living and entering the workforce. This programme can also cover a variety of practical skills such as cooking, public transport, fitness, money handling and making friends, depending on the wishes of the group.

If you wish to express interest in this 9-week programme, or if you would like further information then please contact Sophie at sophie@recreate.org.nz

9 carer support days + $180 deposit