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Christmas Party!

Friday 3rd December

Ho ho ho! We’d love to see you at our annual Xmas party; a night full of food, fun and festivity! A Xmas feast, a secret Santa and a bit of a boogie will put us all in the holiday spirit!

½ carer support day + $20 deposit

December Holiday Programme
Beach and Bowling Double Day!

Wednesday 22nd December

The very last programme of 2021 will be a blast! Double the size of our regular holiday programme, join your friends for bowling and a day at the beach!

1 carer support day + $20 deposit

Hot Pools and Dinner

Friday 18th February
5.30pm – 9.30pm

It’s always fun finishing off a summers day with a dip in the hot pools, so let’s enjoy some delicious food before diving into a relaxing swim at Mount Hot Pools.

½ carer support day + $25 deposit



December Holiday Programme

Cost: 1 carer support day + $20 deposit per day

Monday 20th December – Tree Walk and Blueberries
Climb high in the redwoods at the Rotorua Tree Walk before picking ourselves some delicious berries in the afternoon; we might even turn them into a sundae!

Tuesday 21st December – Let’s Play
Todays a day of indoor and outdoor games! We’ll have team games, board games, sports games, and musical games; what type of  game do you like to play?

1 carer support day + $20 deposit per day

January Holiday Programme

Cost: 1 carer support day + $20 deposit per day

Tuesday 11th January – Tauranga Harbour Cruise

Come with us on a boat ride around Tauranga Harbour! Have a picnic on Matakana Island and see if you can spot any wildlife from on-board the boat.


Wednesday 12th January – Step Back in Time

Find out what life was like 100 years ago! An interactive experience where you put on olden-day clothes, learn to churn butter and make scones the old fashioned way and try out some old machines.


Thursday 13th January – Pools and Mini Putt

2 classic activities, 1 epic day. We’ll make a splash at the local pools and aim for that hole-in-one on the mini-golf course.


Friday 14th January – Hamilton Zoo

Rhinos, meerkats, giraffes and monkeys; how many animals can you see? We’ll meet up with Recreate Waikato and enjoy a day out at the zoo together.

1 carer support day + $20 deposit per day

Handmade Gift Night

Friday 4th March

Tonight we’ll create a handmade present that you can give to someone in your life that you want to thank.  Enjoy dinner and good company while making a gift for someone you love, or maybe even for Mother’s Day!

½ carer support day + $20 deposit


Saturday 19th March

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be inside a giant ball rolling down a hill? Come with us to Zorb Rotorua to find out!

1 carer support day + $30 deposit



15-35 YEARS

Mystery Getaway

Tuesday 18th – Friday 21st January


This programme is titled ‘Mystery Getaway’, but what we can tell you is that these four days away will be filled with great people, sunshine and the beach! More info to come…

4 carer support days + $160 deposit

Girls Ohope Getaway

Friday 25th – Sunday 27th February

Ohope is the ideal place to spend the summer, so let’s get the girls together and head over to the relaxing beach town. With local shops, beaches, pools, scenic walks and neighbouring towns, there will be plenty to do.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Waihi Beach Short Break

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th March

Waihi Beach is the perfect place to relax, take it slow and unwind. This short break will be a leisurely weekend of good food, friends and seeing a local sight or two.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Leap and Laser

Saturday 9th April
1pm to 9pm

What better way to spend a Saturday than at a tramp park, playing laser tag, and sharing a delicious dinner? This will be an awesome action-packed day!

1 carer support day + $30 deposit

Wainui National Youth Camp

19th - 22nd April

We’re headed to the YMCA in Wainui for our National Youth Camp. There will be friends from all over the country joining this camp and we can’t wait to get together! We are in for a few adventurous days and have some awesome activities planned for you. Some activities include archery, abseiling, kayaking, giant swing, campfire and of course the talent show! We can’t wait!

4 carer support days + $150 + flights




17th February –14th April (9 weeks)

9.00am – 4.30pm each week

Life Skills is a day programme aimed at young people who have left school or are in their final years of schooling. A group of 3 or 4 young people of similar age/ability select skills they see as useful to them, and work on them together, with guidance from the Recreate facilitator.


At Life Skills, young people develop confidence and skill in areas such as independence, socialisation, healthy living and entering the workforce. This programme can also cover a variety of practical skills such as cooking, public transport, fitness, money handling and making friends, depending on the wishes of the group.

If you wish to express interest in this 8-week programme, or if you would like further information then please contact Sophie at sophie@recreate.org.nz

9 carer support days + $180 deposit