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Be part of the experience.


If you are completing your studies and you require real-world experience working alongside youth with disabilities, you have come to the right place!

Recreate NZ has hosted many interns over the years both from within New Zealand and internationally from places such as USA, Belgium, Germany and Holland.

If you're interested in completing your internship with us, please click on the link below to get started!

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Application process

  • Click on the link above to start the application process

  • Create a username and password to create your internship profile. That way you can see what programmes are running and track your booked programmes

  • Once you have completed the application process along with a police vetting form, we will follow up to arrange a face to face or zoom meeting to explain what interning at Recreate NZ involves.

  • Once processed, we will set up your schedule and you are good to go. See you on programme!

Interning at Recreate: What you will be doing on your placement 


You will be seeing our beautiful country and meeting fantastic young people along the way. Doing a placement with us is a great time to travel around New Zealand, as it is a lot of what we do with our youth. Since we are limited with staff funding, we all work part-time hours. Our office hours are precious to us in order to get all our programme planning done. Therefore, most of your time spent with us will be on our programmes working alongside our young people. However, we can facilitate some office time and allocate tasks. 


Your responsibilities on our programmes will encompass a very

broad spectrum. In very general terms, we would like you to

encourage our young people to try each activity, facilitate

their success, encourage them to take responsibility for

themselves and others, and to have a good time! The most

important part of your role is to be a mate, friend and

comrade on programme, this means the world to our youth!


We highly value your input and see you as a fellow co-leader

in helping us deliver a successful and safe programme.


Recreate's Values


  • Be a role model to our young people.

  • Language - we don't tolerate swearing, name-calling,

       mocking or put-downs. We want to create a positive and nurturing 

       environment where everyone feels safe. 

  • Behaviour - appropriate personal space and behaviour

  • Respect the privacy of our young people

  • Enjoy your experience



Support Recreate philosophy by encouraging the positive social, emotional and physical development of our young people, supporting young people who experience disability to live meaningful lives, where they are valued for who they are and to support our aim of seeing our young people become contributing members of the community where they live independently and have meaningful social networks. ​




"The team was such a great crew and they always offered help and really took care of me... They gave me the feeling that I am a necessary part of the team and that they really appreciate my work". 


"It was an awesome and enriching experience for me to work at Recreate! I learned a lot about working with young disabled people, but they also showed me their culture and lifestyle during the trips". 


"I really recommend an internship at Recreate without hesitating! It was my best placement I've ever had and I want to come back some time". 


- Raphaela


Recreate's Responsibilities 


Our Onboarding Coordinator is available to assist with liaising or reporting for your educational institution as well as arranging your schedule. It is our aim to provide you with a safe, fulfilling and positive internship experience. We hope you will learn something about our young people and become a lot more accepting of the diversity that is out there in our community. Please approach the facilitator about any issues whilst on the programme, as our job is to ensure both participants and staff have the best possible experience.

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