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Holiday Programme

9.00am – 4.30pm each day

Monday 19th April – Baking and Bowling

Come and join us for a morning of baking some tasty treats. In the afternoon we will head to the bowling alley for a few games.


Tuesday 20th April – QEII and Creative Junk

Splash your heart out at QEII pool and hydro slides in the morning. In the afternoon we will be making our own crafts with Creative Junk  Organisation in the afternoon!

1 carer support day + $20 deposit 

Build your own rocket ship!

Saturday 29th May

9.00am – 1.00pm


A fun morning of crafts, we will build our own Rocketships to launch. Let’s see who can fly the highest!

½ carer support day + $20 deposit

Mega Air and Lunch

Saturday 26th June

10.00am - 2.00pm

Join us for a Saturday of fun! We will be starting off on a high note by jumping our hearts out at Mega Air, the trampoline park. Then we will head out to lunch for a local feed.

½ carer support day + $35 deposit



Holiday Programme 


Wednesday 21st April – Hanmer Day Trip*

Come along for a day trip adventure to our favourite spot. We will spend the day soaking in the pools and having a blast on the hydro slides. Please note: this day has a late return at 6.00pm due to the longer drive


Thursday 22nd April – Gondola and Homemade Pizza

Join us for an epic morning seeing the city from up high on the Gondola. In the afternoon, we will make our own pizza from scratch, yum!


Friday 23rd April – Hot Pools and Hoyts

Come along for a relaxing morning at the New Brighton Hot Pools. Then, we will chill out some more in the afternoon watching the latest flick at the cinema.

1 carer support day + $20 deposit per day

*Wednesday 21st April has a higher deposit amount of $30 due to higher activity cost

Lochsloy Farm Stay Short Break 

18th - 20th June

This Short Break is for the Youth only, so if you are aged between 15 and 25, have a think about making a booking request for this fun Short Break. We will be staying at a lovely home on a farm. We may be able to feed sheep, see some chickens, and see the local flora and fauna near Little River.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit



15-35 YEARS

Dress up Disco with DJ Ramanui

Saturday 20th March

5.00 - 9.00pm


What an event! Dress up as your favourite movie character and come for an evening of fun! We will being having pizza and a boogie listening to the tunes of DJ Ramanui, a fellow Recreater.  

½ carer support day + $20 deposit

Hanmer Springs Getaway

9th-11th April 


We’re headed back to an all-time favourite spot, Hanmer Springs. Of course, we will be visiting the famous hot pools, as well as having a relaxing weekend exploring the area.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Moana Getaway

26th - 28th March


Join us for a relaxing weekend on the West Coast, staying in an epic bach beside the spectacular Lake Brunner. We will do some sight seeing up the coast and hang out at the lake.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Motutapu National Camp

27th- 30th April

Join us for our Recreate National Youth Camp of the year! It should be a fun week filled with lots of time to meet new Recreaters from other regions. We are keen to confirm this group from Christchurch early to save money on flights, so send in your booking request asap!

4 carer support days + $150 deposit + flight cost

Lake Tekapo Getaway

7th - 9th May


For this getaway we will be heading to Tekapo in the stunning Mackenzie country. We will explore the area, maybe even visit famous Aoraki. To top it off we will also be going to the ever popular Tekapo Hot Pools as well!

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Wilderness Seeking Summits

Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd May

We’re headed to the mountains for a long weekend of exploration. We will be staying in Arthur’s Pass and learning all about the bush and what it has to offer. We will be doing some bushcraft, hiking, learning about nature, and maybe camping outdoors overnight…if we are brave enough to sleep in the cold!


4 carer support days + $180 deposit

Lads Club

Saturday 26th June

3.00pm - 7.00pm


Join your fellow lads for a fun afternoon of laser strike! Then we will join the ladies back at the Hub for some dinner together.

½ carer support day + $25 deposit

Wainui Short Break

14th - 16th May

Join us for a relaxing Short Break on the beautiful Banks Peninsula, staying in a house with stunning views. There will be plenty of exploring to do in the area.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Le Bons Getaway

11th - 13th June

What a way to start the winter. Join us for a fun weekend adventure to the beautiful secluded Le Bons Bay. We have booked an epic bach with a view for the occasion.

3 carer support days + $120 deposit

Ladies Club

Saturday 26th June

3.00pm - 7.00pm


ILet’s get the gal pals together for a fun evening! We are going to have a pamper session with face masks, cucumber eyes and nail painting. Then the lads from Lads Club will come join us for dinner together back at the Hub.

½ carer support day + $25 deposit

Hanmer Springs Youth Camp

13th - 16th July

Looking ahead to the middle of the year, we have an incredible Youth Camp planned with the Aucklanders. We will be enjoying some awesome activities led by the instructors at the epic Hanmer Springs Forest Camp.


4 carer support days + $170 deposit, (includes transport fee)


Mid Week Opportunities

15-35 YEARS

MOXIE stands for Meaningful
Opportunities X’ing Into Employment.

MOXIE is a series of projects that provide meaningful work experience for participants. In Christchurch, this now includes the Vege Plot – development and ongoing maintenance of a market garden. We also have a group who explore employment in the Careers Club.


MOXIE is part of Recreate’s strategy to develop further mid-week, meaningful, skill-based opportunities for Recreate’s young people.

If you wish to express interest in these programmes or want more info, please contact Sally at sally@recreate.org.nz

MOXIE - Careers Club

Wednesdays. 5th May – 7th July

10-week course (10.00am – 3.00pm)

Each week we will hear from fellow New Zealanders showcasing their jobs and industries. Come ready to critically evaluate the potential for employment in each of these areas, as well as learn skills, behaviours and sustainable practices that apply to many areas of our lives. In the last two weeks you will create a video CV ready to advocate yourself to employers. This is an ideal way to get work ready.

Please note: we require a minimum of 4 participants to run this programme.


5 carer support days + $100 deposit

MOXIE – Leeston Vege Plot

Tuesdays. 4th May – 6th July

10-week course (9:30am - 3.30pm)


MOXIE days are awesome! These days out in Leeston combine learning how to manage a market garden, teamwork and developing new skills which will help when it comes to looking for work.

Please note: we require a minimum of 4 participants to run this programme.

5 carer support days + $100 deposit

Life Skills - Farm to Plate

Thursdays. 6th May – 8th July

10-week course (9.30am – 3.00pm)


The farm to plate module teaches us how we

turn the produce we grow into food we eat. In this

module we will teach basic kitchen skills along with teaching creative ways for us to use excess produce we grow.

Please note: we require a minimum of 4 participants to run this programme.

5 carer support days + $100 deposit



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