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July Holiday Programme

Monday 8th July – Bubble Soccer

Experience the wildest game ever with Bubble Soccer! Strap yourself into a giant inflatable bubble and get ready to bounce, bash and laugh your way through a part soccer, part bumper cars and all fun game.  


Tuesday 9th July – Movies and Waterworld

Experience a full day of entertainment with a cinema experience and time at the pools. We will race down the hydro-slides at Waterworld before kicking our feet up at the cinemas – a popular day you won’t want to miss!


Wednesday 10th July – Heritage Farm Tour & 3D Trick Art Gallery

Journey with us down to Rotorua where will have an awesome day spent with a farm tour around the Heritage Farm. See all of the cute farm animals, before heading into see the illusions of the 3D Trick Art Gallery.


Thursday 11th July -  Baywave and Ice-Creams

Join us as we head over the Kaimais to Baywave Aquatic Centre. Zip down the hydro slides, relax in the spa or even brave the wave pool before heading to enjoy yummy ice creams.


Friday 12th July – Vortex Ninja Park and Minigolf

Are you ready for a challenge? Get ready and test your limits at Rotorua’s first-ever Ninja Park, rock climbing, ziplining and much more awaits! After this, showcase your putting skills as we make our way through the charming and challenging lumber mill themed minigolf course.

*Pick up/drop off at Waikato Innovation Park, 9am and 4:30pm


$150 per day

Bowling and Dinner

Saturday 24th August



Strike up a fantastic evening by hitting the bowling alley for some friendly competition. Afterwards, we will head over for some delicious burgers and chips, celebrating our strikes and spares with great food, fun and company.


*Please selected either Saturday 24th lunch or Saturday 24th dinner.


Leap, Laser Tag and Dinner

Saturday 6th July


Get ready for an action-packed evening with Leap, Lazer Tag and Pizza! First, we will gear up for some laser tag battles followed by bouncing to new heights on the leap trampolines. After these thrills we will refuel with a delicious pizza feast.


Treewalk and Spa Day

Saturday 27th July


A daytime discovery experience like no other, walk high amongst giant 120-year-old redwood trees and immerse yourself in nature by beginning the day with a tree walk in Rotorua. Following this we will unwind and rejuvenate in the tranquil spa pools the perfect combination for a great day!


Bowling and Lunch

Saturday 24th August


Strike up a fantastic day by hitting the bowling alley for some friendly competition. Afterwards, we will head over for some delicious burgers and chips, celebrating our strikes and spares with great food, fun and company.


*Please selected either Saturday 24th lunch or Saturday 24th dinner.


Journey to Middle-earth: Hobbiton!

Saturday 31st August


Step into the enchanting world of middle-earth with a visit to Hobbiton! Wander through the lush, picturesque landscapes and charming hobbit holes that brought Tolkien’s tales to life. Explore the shire, enjoy a drink at the Green Dragon Inn, and immerse yourself in the magic and whimsy of this iconic film set.


All Ages
Youth and Young Adults


15-35 YEARS

Taupo Short Break

Friday 9th – Sunday 11th August

Escape to Taupo for a fun-filled weekend getaway where we will enjoy the stunning scenery and awesome activities! We will explore Huka Prawn Park, where we will take a guided tour through the nursey and hatchery, hand-feed baby prawns, venture through the activities park, play on aqua trikes, pedal boats, fire off water cannons and so much more! 


Recreate National Ball Getaway

Friday 13th – Sunday 15th September


The Recreate National Ball is one not to miss! Join us for a fabulous evening filled with elegance, excitement, and entertainment. We will get glitz and glamoured with Bay of Plenty Recreate at our shared accommodation before heading to a night of dazzling lights, live music, and unforgettable moments. We will also check out Kelly Tarltons and explore a fascinating underwater realm, teeming with exotic marine creatures from around the globe.



*The cost of this Getaway includes the National Ball ticket

Movies and Dinner

Friday 27th September



Let’s enjoy a perfect evening with Movies and Dinner! We will head to the cinemas to catch the latest blockbuster on the big screen before eating a delicious meal out. A great evening spent socialising, chatting and enjoying a meal and movie with each other.


Cooks Beach Getaway

Friday 16th-Sunday 18th August

Escape to the pristine shores of Cooks Beach for an unforgettable getaway! Dive into adventure with a Cathedral Cove boat tour, exploring hidden wonders, then enjoy the Whiti Farm Park and all of the animals. You don’t want to miss this!


Recreate National Ball

Saturday 14th September



Recreates National Ball is back for 2024!

Join us as we head up to Auckland for the National Ball, where we will get to spend time with youth from all the regions. Heading to a night of dazzling lights, live music and unforgettable moments we will dance the night away and also enjoy a yummy dinner.


Papamoa Short Break

Friday 20th-Sunday 22nd September


Relaxation awaits in this short break to the beautiful coastal town of Papamoa. Join us as we venture to Marshalls Animal Park and enjoy the beautiful sights of McLaren Falls Park before heading for a soak in the gorgeous Mount Hot Pools!


Mid Week Opportunities

15-35 YEARS

Life Skills Full Course

Wednesdays, 31st July – 25th September

9-week course


Life Skills is a self-directed course focused on achieving your goals by developing skills for independence, socialisation, healthy living and entering the workforce. This programme will cover a variety of practical skills including cooking, public transport, fitness, money handling, building friendships and more!

*Pick up/ Drop off at Waikato Innovation Park


MOXIE Work Experience
We are always on the look out to work with

employers to create a shared vision of
success for young people. This is done

through a step-by-step training process,

with hands on support from Recreate NZ.

The intention is that the trainee will gain paid employment at the end of unpaid training period. We have seen great success in the past few years and we are very keen to
keep growing this exciting and dynamic employment stream.

Please note: we cannot guarantee immediate work placements. MOXIE training is arranged with employers as opportunities arise. Placements are then matched with appropriate trainees based on interests, skill, location, and shift times.

We will do our best to find work for all who are interested, but suggest you continue your own investigations too.

If you have completed other Recreate programmes and believe you’re ready for paid employment, please express your interest to

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