Please note our Pricing Structure and Terms & Conditions set out below. All bookings are at the discretion of Recreate NZ and are not confirmed until a review by Recreate Coordinators and receipt of deposit. 

½ Day: $10* + ½ Carer Support day
1 Day: $20 + 1 Carer Support day
3 Days: $150 + 3 Carer Support days
4 Days: $200 + 4 Carer Support days
5 Days: $250 + 5 Carer Support days

NB: Multi day programme deposit costs can vary depending on activity or flight costs eg: Seeking Summit adventures, Getaway to Queenstown

*Some Urban events can have a higher deposit amount due to activity costs 


Carer support can be issued by the Ministry Of Health, to be used by parents and caregivers of young people with disabilities. If you are unfamiliar with carer support, please check out Taikura Trust to find out if you are eligible.


Recreate NZ accepts various forms of payment if carer support is not applicable including cash payments and individualised funding.


Please email for further information.

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Terms & Conditions


  1. The Booking Request is a record of personal details and does not guarantee a place on a programme. Details must be complete and accurate in order to confirm enrolment.

  2. Registration is a record of programme specific details. Once registered, payment must be made to confirm place in programme.



  1. While there is risk in any adventurous activity, such risk is managed and supervised so that the activities are as safe as possible. Participants will not be allowed to partake in adventure activities outside their strength or ability.

  2. Recreate NZ believes our programmes and activities are for anyone reasonably fit and well. It is your responsibility to advise us at the time of booking of any medical condition, physical/mental disability or behaviour that requires any special treatment, attention or administration of medicine. The appropriate paperwork must be completed and signed. Recreate NZ reserves the right to decline your booking on the grounds that safety could be compromised.

  3. Programme Coordinators or Facilitators will assess the safety issues surrounding the participation of all individuals, and reserves the right to restrict participation based on medical, physical or other conditions in regard to the safe operation of the activity and other individuals involved. We may ask to meet with you and your child/participant to discuss how to provide the best care possible.

  4. In the event of an accident or illness, Recreate NZ will attempt to contact the parent/guardian and will take all appropriate steps to ensure the individual’s well-being, but will not be liable for any costs, e.g. Doctor or A&E fees.

  5. Contracted Instructors (where used) will follow Recreate NZ’s behaviour guidance policies. They will not tolerate any behaviour (including violence and bad language) which impinges upon the physical or mental safety of Facilitators or other programme participants. If a Participant’s behaviour is deemed unsafe or impacts on the safe delivery of the programme, the Facilitator can enforce immediate exclusion or take steps in the exclusion process, e.g stood down from activity. Recreate NZ programmes have a strict no smoking, drugs, and alcohol policy.

  6. Any breaches of the behaviour rules will result in the parent/guardian being contacted and asked to make arrangements for their child/participant to be removed from the programme, and at the expense of the parent/guardian. Any cost accrued as a direct result of the incident shall be at the expense of the parent/guardian.

  7. Contact details supplied must include a phone number that the parent/guardian has 24hr access to.



  1. Payments can be made via carer support, cash, cheque or direct credit. Please ask at the office for payment options. Notice of options will also be provided on submission of the online registration form.

  2. A deposit is required two weeks prior to programme start date to secure a place. If the deposit is not received two weeks prior to the programme Recreate NZ reserves the right to reallocate that place to another participant on the waiting list.

  3. Full payment (including submission of a current, signed carer support form) must be paid prior to or immediately upon completion of the programme.

  4. Recreate NZ reserves the right, and at the participants/parent or guardian’s’ expense, to use the services of Baycorp (NZ) Limited or other such debt recovery organisation to recover outstanding payments.

  5. Programmes are a pre-paid service (except if paying using carer support). Fees are charged on registration and actual attendance. Programmes are substantially subsidised by Recreate NZ, as a result payment negotiation for various reasons are unavailable.



  1. Bookings that are cancelled by the customer, for whatever reason (aside from genuine illness, injury or bereavement), are treated as follows:

    1. Recreate NZ 3, 4, & 5 day programmes

    2. Cancellation within 1 week – loss of or invoice for the deposit amount

    3. Recreate NZ ½ and 1 day programmes - $20.00 cancellation fee will be invoiced

  2. Recreate NZ reserves the right to cancel/postpone or amend any programmes. Recreate NZ will always endeavour to make alternative arrangements that suit both parties. Cancelled programmes at Recreate’s instigation will result in a full refund or credit of any deposit paid for that programme.



  1. In the event of any gear (borrowed or hired) is damaged, lost or stolen while assigned to your child/participant, the full cost to repair or replace the item will be paid by the parent/guardian to Recreate NZ within 7 days of the invoice date.



  1. Recreate NZ is committed to providing safe programmes, activities and environments. While all care will be taken during programmes and activities, there is an element of risk involved with all activities. By participating in any of the activities provided by Recreate NZ, you are assuming those risks personally. Recreate NZ and it’s employed and volunteer staff cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss or damage to belongings.



  1. Please ensure your child/participant brings all the appropriate clothing required, and that these are named. We ask that no computers are to be brought on programmes. Please advise Recreate NZ of all allergies and medical conditions that may arise. Ensure ALL medication is packed and named, and that spares are given to the programme Facilitator.



  1. The information collected on this form will be used only by Recreate NZ and any contracted organisations for the sole purpose of administering the programme and updating details on the Recreate NZ database.

  2. Recreate NZ may take photos from time to time which may be used for Recreate NZ promotional purposes, and may also be added to the Recreate NZ website, blog and/or Facebook. All reasonable efforts will be made by Recreate NZ to contact Participants or Parents/Guardians prior to releasing photos for major promotional usage, ie van signage, banner stands, TV adverts etc



I agree to the above terms and conditions. I authorise that in the event of a medical emergency, Recreate NZ staff or appropriate medical staff will administer care for my child/participant. I understand that I am liable for any associated costs. I understand that my child/participant will be held responsible for his/her behaviour. I accept that, at the discretion of Recreate NZ staff, I may be requested to come and remove my child/participant from the programme, at my own expense.